Product Line
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Small OvalerOvaler (Oval Pipe/Duct Machine)

A PLC controlled system that stretches round spiral tubing into flat oval duct.

Small SpiralerSpiraler (Spiral Pipe/Duct Machine)

A PLC controlled system for manufacturing rigid spiral metal duct using an exclusive plasma cutoff. Platform for value adding options and enhancements like Gorecutter.

Small OvalrollerOvalroller

A PLC controlled four roll system that forms flat oval and round segments for fittings and long seam tubes.

Small FitterFitter

A flanging and seaming system for producing elbows, reducers, endcaps, connectors,
and offsets.

Small FlangerFlanger

A PLC controlled system for manufacturing round and flat oval flanges.

Small SpiralSpiral Duct Forming Head

A forming head for producing rigid duct on Spiraler and other tubeformers.


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